Genovese Gold

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Brocades go back a long way, to the Sung dynasty in 9th-century China, and re-emerged in popularity in Genoa and Florence during the Renaissance, and then Lyon and Spitalfields in the 18th century. Inspired by a small piece of 17th-century green brocade from Genoa, Genovese is a beautiful, rustic bourette de soie shimmering in gold and silver, yet alive with natural rawness.


Ref. code: T26174 102
46% Viscose 18% silk 17% cotton 12% flax 6% polyester 1% lur
Color Gold
Width 136 cm / 53.5″
Vertical Repeat 118 cm / 46.45″
Horizontal Repeat 70 cm / 27.56″

This design is also available in silver.

Tear Sheet (PDF)


light upholstery
heavy upholstery
dry cleaning