Harmattan (Voile)

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The Nigerian Collection is inspired by cloths used for ceremonial and status garments. The original cloths would have been woven from silk gathered in the wild, then augmented with threads in more vibrant hues procured from passing caravans or recuperated from other garments, as Nigerians did not produce these. The prints in this collection seek to replicate the varied sandy and beige hues of wild anaphe silk. Harmattan is distinguished by an energising sky-blue stripe, crossed by rows of woven openwork holes. It is at once informal and sharp.


Ref. code: 10583V
100% Linen Voile
Width 143 cm / 56″
Horizontal Repeat 50 cm / 19.7″
Vertical Repeat 45 cm / 17.7″

GROUND: Panama.

Tear Sheet (PDF)


light upholstery (on voile)
heavy upholstery
dry cleaning