Shipping & Return Policy

Delivery and Shipping

1. Shipping Procedure.

Delivery Address must be listed correctly on the Purchase Order submitted with payment. This cannot be subsequently changed. Orders submitted without a recipient phone number will not be processed.

2. Acceptance of Goods.

Goods shall be inspected on delivery for colour, design and quantity. In the case of a third party delivery to a workroom, Supplier strongly suggests a sample or CFA is sent for as reference. Notice of any fault or wrong colour should be made in writing within 15 days, including third party deliveries. No claims of improper quality will be accepted after 15 days of delivery.

Refund Policy

3. Complaints and Requests for Return.

No complaints will be accepted after 15 days of receipt of the merchandise. Goods must be whole on return. Returns can only be made if there is a problem with the fabric, outlined in Section 2.

Please submit an adequate photo of the issue to [email protected] and we can process the request.

Returns will incur a €30.00 handling charge.

Returns will only be accepted for goods in good condition.

Cancellation of An Order

4. Cancellations.

Unfortunately, Supplier is unable to accept cancellations of an order once it has been received and processed.

5. Claims on Undelivered Goods.

Claims on undelivered orders must be made within 15 days of invoice date.