In the forest

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Cheetah’s Game was inspired by a visit to the Palais des Papes, the Gothic papal residency in Avignon, Provence. Pope Clement VI’s private chamber is known as the ‘Deer Room’, and is decorated with enchanting frescoes of courtly hunting scenes dating from the 14th century, the work of unknown hands. In the same spirit, Cheetah’s Game turns a room into an environment and unfolds across four panels, allowing the arrangement of cheetahs, parrots and trees in any combination. A version consisting only of tree panels is available as ‘In the Forest’.


On mat paper
Width of each of the 2 panels 140cm / 55.1″
Comes in height of 3m or 5m
Vertical Repeat 300 cm / 118″
Horizontal Repeat 280 cm / 110″

COLOR: Cheetah’s Game.

Not washable
Standard glue
Over engraving

Tear Sheet (PDF)Instruction Sheet (PDF)